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Blasting News

Sooooooo I am very excited to say I have become an online journalist for Blasting News.
My first two pieces have been published and can be viewed via the below links.
As usual I tackled some controversial subjects to begin with.
The #MeToo campaign and how self harm among teenagers is on the increase.

Watch out C4 Jon Snow I am coming for you!

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Katie Hopkins- your selfishness will endanger my child

Dear Katie Hopkins,

It’s very unlikely you will read this or if you do you probably will not care however I need to write this.
I need to write this for my son, for all the high-risk children you are letting your son endanger by not having the flu vaccine because you do not want to fill your healthy child with ‘medicine he doesn’t need’.
This is not a pro vaccine rant, it is not a for or against argument, this is my life, my son’s life we are talking about.
You see, I would have sold my soul for a ‘annoyingly lucky fit and healthy’ child one that wasn’t born with a heart condition, one that didn’t have to fight for his life for 9 days in NICU, that he didn’t need open heart surgery at 6 months to save his life, one that didn’t need lifelong monitoring and future surgeries.
I wish I was as lucky as you to say that he never needed an emergency same day appointment. One where you instantly know the outcome, a referral to hospital and possibly admission. One where your stomach tightens and you…


Today is #worldmentalhealthday and I stand proudly to say I am 1 in 4 people who have suffered with mental illness. I stand with the @everymummovement  today and all the others brave enough to say #MeToo. Please head over to her page for info on how you can get involved and let's #beatthestigma for mental health.

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Scary Mommy

Possibly the highlight of my writing career to date being published on the frankly amazing @scarymommy I have been fan girling ever since I found out! A special shout out to Sam Day who has been as excited if not more than me too! It is a subject I am so so passionate about and the fact it could reach more people especially vulnerable new mums makes me soo happy! Today will consist of a lot of happy squealing! The link you can visit;

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Let's talk.... PND

I have had PND with both of my children. It is one the biggest battles I have ever faced. The second time round I knew what to look out for but it still didn't prepare me for how I was really feeling.
It is essential we talk about PND break all the stigmas surrounding it. No one is alone in facing this and should never feel like they are ot cannot get help.
This is why I will talk and talk until something changes.
I have penned two blog posts recently about PND one for the amazing Every Mum Movement who is really making a stand to change maternal mental health and the other is a letter to my partner live on Mummy and Little Me today.

I am the mother of the naughty kid

I am the mother of the naughty kid.
The one who screams too loudly on the bus.
The one that doesn't sit still.
The one you walk past and he is having a massive tantrum. You look at us, smile politely and I can see how you are glad it isn't you.
I know the looks we get.
I feel their eyes burning into my back and I feel as though my parenting ability is being judged.
I can see the disapproval in your eyes when you see my child leg it off down the road.
I am the mother of the naughty kid who has to shout. Alot.
He is the one who hasn't quite learn to share or understand to take turns at the park.
Despite us drilling it into him to be kind he will probably push your kid over. I will apolgise profusely and deliver a time out as my face flushes red. You watch me wrangle a now board stiff toddler to the sidelines whilst grappling a wriggling newborn.
He will take your kid's toy despite us talking about sharing the whole way here.
I will go home and cry and wonder why my chi…