Blasting News

I am lucky enough to be given the oppertunity to write for Blasting News as an online journlaist.

It's abit out of my comfort zone and slightly different to what I am used to but I am enoying it alot and have learnt so much already!

Below are a list of all my published news articles, which I will update when they go live.

W/C 23.10.17

1. The day the world stood up and said #MeToo
2. The coping mechanism of the modern teenager, self harm.
3. Netflix launch second season of Stranger Things.

W/C 30.10.17

4. Knitting colour coded hats for NICU.
5. The march of the mummies takes place accross 6 UK cities.
6. Security fears after Donald Trump's Twitter is deleted.

W/C 6.11.17

7. The shocking statistics of the UK's period poverty crisis.
8. Facebook set to combat revenge porn by urging users to send them nude photos.
9. Corbyn demands May to make all homes safe in the wake of Grenfell.

W/C 13.11.17

10. Church of England issues new gender neutral school guidelines.
11. Experts warn parents to stop their children watching Peppa Pig.
12. Trump allows elephant trophies to be imported back into the US.

W/C 20.11.17

13. Will La Nina give us a White Christmas?
14. Nursery issues glitter ban on Christmas Crafts.
15. Ex Manchester City player Robinho sentenced to imprionsment for sexual assault.

W/C 27.11.17

16. One mum calls for Sleeping Beauty to be banned from son's curriculum

W/C 5.12.17

17. Government accused of failing at increasing child and pensioner poverty in the UK.
18. Parents warned about the dangers if using plastic socket covers.
19. Is telling our children Santa is real damaging their mental health? 

W/C 11.12.17
20. The Apprentice is the perfect example of gender inequality in the workplace

W/C 18.12.17
21. Cash incentives for breastfeeding mothers.
22. Do we have the right to mum shame celebrities online?

W/C 1.1.18
23. Should we be teaching children how to prepare emotionally for the dangers of social media?

W/C 8.1.18
24. Pregnant 'Barbie' doll causes controversy among parents.
25. Mother to receive a 10,000 fine if she uploads photo of son to Facebook.

W/C 15.1.18
26. Dad takes on high street retailer after branding it 'derogatory to fathers'.


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