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I am lucky enough to be a parent blogger with the Huffington Post UK/ Parent Voices. I have had a number of pieces published on there to date, many of which were 'featured blogs' and below you can find the links to them.

Our story; Elijah's birth retold to help others going through the same thing.

A open letter to Elijah from myself.

A post detailing the trouble I had coming to terms with having had a baby with CHD.

A very honest post about my past issues with eating.

Family life is the basis of most of my HP Posts.

A post for the first ever PANDAS #PNDAW16 all about my PTSD diagnosis after the birth of Elijah.

Do we use our phones too much to the detriment of our children?

Highlighting why NICU parents are not receiving enough mental health support.

Are people suffering due to a pre conceived idea of what mental illness looks like?

We were both pregnant, but only I got to the end of the 9 months.

Social media does lead to some life long friendships

Hard life lessons made me the mother I am today.

Reflections on what having a baby in NICU is really like.

Elijah has Tetralogy of Fallot just like his son.

What do I think of the breakthrough?

The honest reality of when things do not go to plan.

A post written for #birthtraumaawarenessweek and the importance of talking about birth trauma

Are we all guilty of pregnancy shaming to some degree?


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