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The Parent and Baby Show


I have been invited to greet all you lovely people for some of the day at the Parent and Baby Show Norwich.

Come and say hay! 🖐

✅ UEA Sportspark 10.30-15.00.

I created some graphics and marketing content for @parentandbabyshow social media accounts which are now live examples above ☝️

➡ Please get in touch if you like what you see and what I can offer you for your social media pages/campaigns/profiles/ads and more!

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Dear Boys,

Dear Boys, I always tell you the same thing when I drop you off at nursery. Be kind, help those who need it, comfort those who are upset, stand up for those who can't. You play with and who you want. You wear what you want. I will never tell you that it's okay because you're "being boys". That is not a plausible reason to treat others badly, because there is no reason to do so. Rough play is not simply brushed aside because of your gender with me. You are allowed to show emotion, boys can cry and that's okay. It doesn't matter what someone says, what they wear, how they act, how much they may have or may not have had to drink. A defence of boys will not be boys is a no go- you like anyone else have to be held accountable for your actions. You treat others just like you want to be treated, how you would have someone treat me, your mum. I am raising you to be different. To be kind and be part of the generation that doesn't have the problem of inequalit…