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Dear Ant...

Dear Ant and Dec (Ant),

I know I am a bit behind but I have been struggling with the words to express how I feel about what happened last week.

Your "public" breakdown.

You see, I grew up watching you on SMTV, I have been hungover eating takeaway watching you on Prime Time Weekend TV for most of my adult life.

I too have struggled, with self sabotage, with abusing medication and making reckless and irresponsible decisions.

Some as a shout out for someone, anyone to notice me. To see my pain, some because I felt compelled to do so.

I don't condone what you did, but I can understand how you got there.

I too, have suffered with mental illness for all my life. I cannot imagine how it feels to go through it in the public eye.

When all you want to do is hide away and try and make some sort of sense to what is happening to you.

When the only trip put you make all week is to the Doctors.

When you don't trust yourself with your own prescription.

When you feel like you might …

Helping Harper.

World back off the post partem bod. AGAIN.

Everyone who follows me knows I am not adverse to sharing pics of me in my very worn maternity kecks.  Why? Because I want to dispell this stupid myth that you have to snap back into shape as soon as you have had a baby. It is just unrealistic. The pressure comes from the media with celebrities like Kylie Jenner flaunting there "one month" post partem bodies. Well good for her. She has money. She has stylists... the time to work out blah blah blah.  This is what one month on looks like for me. But that doesn't mean it will look like that for you. We are all different and that's okay.  Do not feel the pressure to "snap back" as frankly it is a load of balls. 8 months on and I am still tucking my stomach into my leggings and wearing my maternity knickers. And if I am okay with that then you should be too. We should be embracing the post partem body in all its wobbly, stretch mark and saggy glory after all we grew and birthed a bl…