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Portfolio of work

I am a freelance content writer and blogger, below is a small portfolio of my work.

Dereham Times Newspaper

What do you need to know about picking your child's school?

banning the sale of energy drinks for the under 16s!

We Got This (Sometimes) and how it is changing the face of parent meet ups.

Why Feb 14th isn't just for Valentine's Day.

Criticizing the NHS? Perhaps you've never had a sick child.

Are you part of the entitled Mummy club?

Getting Harper to America

Three Years On From Heart Surgery

What I had wished I said to the stranger in the cafe.

Setting up the Knackered and Norwich Social Club

Chicken Pox and CHD 

Tiny Tickers- Heart Charity 
The Honest Confessions of being a NICU Mum
Blogging our way through CHD

JaeVee - Your Property Partner 

8 Simple tips to become a property developer 
How to source property development opportunities 
10 tips to buy to let
The key to commercial conversions
Prop Tech changing the property industry
Prop Tech The Emerging Giant 
Where to find 100% development funding
How to secure yourself when investing in property
How to keep your property devlopment pipeline flowing
Starting a property devlopment business 
How to invest in property without being a landlord.
What is Prop Tech
What is a joint venture partnership?
What are the best property investment strategies?
How to source property devlopment opportunities 
How to value and appraise land
How to analyse the property market prior to investment 
Where to start in becoming a property developer
What is stamp duty tax
Your guide to Brexit 
Getting into property devlopment for the first time
10 worst mistakes make my an amateur property developer
How to diversify your portfolio
Why invest in multiple properties rather than one
Is buy to let investing dead?
How does one reduce the risk when investing in property
How does one generate an income through property investment

NO10 The Abbey

5 ways to celebrate the Royal Wedding in Norfolk
20 Things to do in Norwich
A day out in Merrivale Model Village
A day out in Pensthrope Gardens
A day out in Scroby Sands
A Day out At Welney Wetlands 
5 reasons to visit Holt Country Park
A day out at Strumpshaw Fen 
5 reasons to visit the Henry Blogg Museum
10 things you didn't know about Norwich Cathedral 
10 things you didn't know about Walsingham Abby Priory
A Day Out at Blickling Hall 
A Day Out at Felbrigg Hall
A Day out at the Muckle Military Collection 
Top 10 Things to do at the Norfolk Show
Top 20 things to do when visiting Norfolk
Top 10 things that made Norfolk famous 
5 things you didn't know about Norfolk
A Day Out at Oxburgh Hall
A Day Out in Norwich City
Top 10 Norfolk Beaches 
Your Day Out on the Poppy Line 
What you need to know about Titchwell Marsh
A Day Out at Shirehall Museum 
Ten Things to do in Wymondham 
Your Day Out at Castle Acre
5 things to do at Norwich Royal Arcade  
Top 10 Norfolk Family Attractions
Top 10 Norwich Restaurants  
Top 10 dog walks in Norfolk

Jess Wilkins Photography

Keeping cool when pregnant 
Top Norfolk Beach Days 
Top 5 Private Pools to hire in Norfolk
Tips of handling a newborn and a toddler 
Is social media affecting your mental health
Top Norfolk Parent Instagram Accounts
Top5 Indoor Activities To do When It Is Hot
New Dad Gifts

The Parent and Baby Show 

How to write the perfect blog

Rhubarb The Bird 

Little Owls Day Nursery 

How did you celebrate the Royal Wedding?
Father's Day 
Scarning Open Day 
Wellbeing Week
Mini Me Yoga 
Chick Fever 
Summer Has Begun at Hoots

Mummy and Little Me.
You can view the archive of published blog posts by clicking here.

'We have been dealing with Bloggers in this industry now for 7 years - Vicki is one of the few that has been consistent and reliable - obviously all our bloggers have young children and things get in the way, illness etc - this has never been the case for Vicki she has always come up with the goods when she says she will. Not only that Vicki has written some very interesting blogs over the years, touching on taboo subjects which make them a great read. Every time we put one of her blogs up we have a rush of traffic to the site, she also has commercial awareness and if there are subjects you want her to cover she will.  Her passions for her children, husband and life in general never ceases to amaze me. 
I would not hesitate to employ Vicki.'

We Got This Sometimes
A beginners guide to Instagram

Rude Wines

A guide to wine for Valentine's Day
Wines for busy and tired mums.

Online Journalist at Blasting News

1. The day the world stood up and said #MeToo
2. The coping mechanism of the modern teenager, self harm.
3. Netflix launch second season of Stranger Things.
4. Knitting colour coded hats for NICU.
5. The march of the mummies takes place accross 6 UK cities.
6. Security fears after Donald Trump's Twitter is deleted
7. The shocking statistics of the UK's period poverty crisis.
8. Facebook set to combat revenge porn by urging users to send them nude photos.
9. Corbyn demands May to make all homes safe in the wake of Grenfell.
10. Church of England issues new gender neutral school guidelines.
11. Experts warn parents to stop their children watching Peppa Pig.
12. Trump allows elephant trophies to be imported back into the US
13. Will La Nina give us a White Christmas?
14. Nursery issues glitter ban on Christmas Crafts.
15. Ex Manchester City player Robinho sentenced to imprionsment for sexual assault.
16. One mum calls for Sleeping Beauty to be banned from son's curriculum
17. Government accused of failing at increasing child and pensioner poverty in the UK.
18. Parents warned about the dangers if using plastic socket covers.
19. Is telling our children Santa is real damaging their mental health? 
20. The Apprentice is the perfect example of gender inequality in the workplace
21. Cash incentives for breastfeeding mothers.
22. Do we have the right to mum shame celebrities online?
23. Should we be teaching children how to prepare emotionally for the dangers of social media?
24. Pregnant 'Barbie' doll causes controversy among parents.
25. Mother to receive a 10,000 fine if she uploads photo of son to Facebook.
26. Dad takes on high street retailer after branding it 'derogatory to fathers'

Social Media Adviser

Jade Anna Hughes 'Home' Book Launch and Facebook Strategy Presentation.

I used Vicki's brilliant services for the launch of my second book. I have a hard time navigating how to really take advantage of social media, and needed help figuring out how to build my audience organically in order to ultimately sell more books.
'Vicki provided me with an amazing overview of what I needed to do, what areas I needed to focus on, who I needed to target, and so much more. Not only that, she also set up a book launch giveaway with some amazing influencers, and provided me with a day-by-day schedule on what to post, where and when. It helped me really nail down a proper marketing strategy for my business both short and long term. And on top of all that Vicki is just a delight to work with: friendly, super responsive, and really does some great research for you. 
I would recommend Vicki's services for both social media dunce and seasoned user, as well as anyone in between. She's brilliant!'

Estrellita&Co Instagram and New Product Launch

'Vicki really put all her time and knowledge into this package and I know it’s really going to help me build up my small business via social media. If anyone is thinking about using Vicki to help them I would definitely recommend it! I’m very excited to see where this takes me.'


Popular posts from this blog

5 things I want you to know about being a NICU Mum, this #nicuawarenessmonth

5 things I want you to know about being a NICU Mum, this #nicuawarenessmonth

In less than four days’ time, my eldest child will celebrate his fourth birthday.
Birthdays are always emotional especially when looking back, I class his birth as one of the most traumatic times of my life.
I recently wrote about how four years it still haunts me.
I didn’t just become a new mum, I became a NICU (Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit) Mum.
It was a title I didn’t ask for and we were part of a club we didn’t ask to join.
I have now spent nearly 4 years writing about our story on this blog, and for other publications and websites.
I have tried to raise awareness of the issues that affected us, I have tried to bring about change but ultimately and I hope I am right in saying I have helped other NICU Mum and CHD (Congenital Heart Defect) parents.
I have tried to process some of the emotions surrounding our NICU experience and use them to do something positive.
I had so much I wanted to say this #nicuawareness…

The time Fajita night resulted in having a baby in a bath.

Do you all remember my ever so optimistic natural birth plan? You can read it here.
However, spoiler alert, it didn’t happen.
What did happen was something no one was expecting.
Wednesday the 5th July… a mundane sort of day spent cleaning the house and doing the weekly shop. With Greg going back to work the next day I was determined to make sure everything was ready for when this baby arrived! I was three days off my due date and still hadn’t had one single sign this baby was imminently coming. I had been receiving messages from quite a few people asking if baby was here yet. I was getting fed up as everything I had tried to induce labour failed miserably and every morning for the last two weeks I woke up disappointed I wasn’t in labour! I gave up, walking didn’t help, pineapple made me sick and I was beginning to tire of the raspberry leaf tea. This baby was staying put.
In the evening I put Elijah bed, and we began to settle down for the evening. Fajitas had been served and consumed an…

10 things I have learnt whilst having post-natal depression.

It’s ugly, the lowest I have ever felt. Never have I felt more of a burden to everyone that I have to rely on them to help me look after the children I created, that I chose to have.
1.You will feel like you’ve failed as a mother. There is no getting away from it. The guilt is all consuming. All day you play the comparison and blame game, if everyone else can cope why can’t you? There must be something wrong with me, I am a bad mother. Everyday, these thoughts play in your head. They take over and trap you, they trick you. 2.The stigma of having post-natal depression is real and very much alive today. The walk to the doctors will be heavy and loaded with anxiety that you will suddenly have your child taken off you, and you fear the judgement of others. You need help more than anything, but it is the last thing you feel like you can ask for. It is the hardest thing to ask for from anyone.
3.You are not just ‘depressed’, you are angry, resentful, guilty. You will shout, yell and soon beco…