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Peer to Peer Support

From the blog many NICU parents have contacted me, and have bravely shared their NICU experiences with me. I would like to say, as I have done many times my inbox and social media channels are always open for anyone who needs me.

I believe it is so important for a NICU parent to have access to peer to peer support from someone who has been through the experience themselves and can honestly understand, support and comfort those who need it.

Talking to someone who has been through what you have, and by someone saying that yes, they felt that too, makes you feel as though you are not the only one going through this.

It can make you for just a short while, feel as though you are 'normal'.

Me and my partner Greg are currently in the process of setting up a not for profit organisation that will provide peer to peer support for NICU parents, by NICU parents.

I didn't have anyone to talk to whilst I was in NICU, no one to ask what was and wasn't 'normal', no one that understood the process and it came to a detriment of my mental health.

I started this blog to raise awareness, to comfort those going through the same thing and to support them. I want to build on this and have a dedicated space for NICU parents to recieve support from those who have been through it.

This will be a space where relevent blogs, podcasts, information can be shared. It is where you can join a social community of other NICU parents as well as having access to one to one peer to peer support via a buddy system.

I still get overwhelmed when I get a message to say how much my blog has helped someone, that they are reading it now in NICU and it makes me want to build on this and do more. I also alongside the peer to peer support want to provide resource material that everyone in the family can use.

When someone feels as though they can share their story with me, that they seek reassurnce or comfort I am honoured and will continue to be.

I will update this page, as when further updates about the organisation occur, and in the meantime if anyone would like to contact me to ask a question, or wants some support, they of course can via email or by my social media channels too, or please use the contact form on the home page.

If you are a NICU Dad who would prefer to speak to another NICU Dad, Greg is also on hand.

No one should feel alone during this process, and hand on heart I believe if I had someone I could message, email or just find a relatable blog post that someone had written I wouldn't have fallen down the dark hole that I did.

If anyone knows of anyone who wants to get involved or believes they can help us, please email us on

A funding page will be live soon!

Thank you,

Vicki and Greg x

9.11.18 - After two very exciting meetings this week we are officially on the way to launching the NPP. An initial website will be live, peer to peer training is being written with an aim to be given in Jan. Collabarations for resource materials and merchadise are being confirmed and we are now officially live on Instagram so come and give us a follow! We have also welcomed our first volunteer on board as the organisation's secretary which we are very excited about! Read more here!

13.11.18 - Our Go Fund Me Page is now live! You can read more here! 


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