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When I had my first son E, back in 2014, little did we know that we were about to be thrust into the world of the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

In just 12 short hours I had become a NICU Mum, we spent 9 days in the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NICU in 2014.

When we were in hospital in NICU, I searched the web again and again to find something, anything that told me what it was really like to have a baby in NICU and found nothing.

All I wanted was for someone to say, yes it was rubbish but what you are feeling is normal. Instead I was feeling alone and didn't understand the feelings and emotions that come with being a NICU Mum.

There were so many parenting blogs put there but none that I as a NICU Mum could really relate too.

Whilst struggling with a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder diagnosis I began my blog to plug the gap. To reach out and confess what it was really like to have a baby in NICU.

To raise awareness of the issues we faced, to help comfort and support others and make them feel less alone.

I wanted to be able to give them a platform also to share their stories, to connect and to for just a short while feel 'normal'.

Below you will find all of the NICU related blog posts that have been published both on my blog, as well as featured as Guest Blogs on other sites and publications written by myself and I am proud to also feature some amazing other NICU parent's stories too.

Click on the below links to be taken through to that particular blog, and if anyone would ever like me to guest blog or contribute on their site, or if you wish to feature your story on here please do get in touch via here, email or on my social media.

The NICU Club is something I became part of, without asking, a life-time membership and using this blog I am determined to take this back as something good, and use my blog as a voice to change and raise awareness of the issues so that future NICU parents do not ever have to feel alone and confused like I did.

Elijah in NICU Sept 14'.





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5 things I want you to know about being a NICU Mum, this #nicuawarenessmonth

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