Helping Harper.

One of the most memorable milestones is when your child takes their 1st steps. When we were told E had suffered a stroke at birth we didn't know if he would learn to walk. But he did and it is a memory that we can recall down to the last detail.

But what if you knew your child wouldn't take their first steps but there was a chance that they could. You needed £80,000 wouldn't you do everything you can do make it happen?
This is little Harper and I am sharing her story in hope that it might help getting this little one to America for surgery not available here so she can take her first 👣 "Just4Children hoping to raise enough for Harper to have SDR surgery in America, a spinal surgery not available on the NHS that could change her life allowing her to walk unaided.

'Our Harper is 18 months old from Norwich.

On our second visit in a week to the hospital due to lack of movement, Harper was born via emergency C-section where she was found to have a rare True Knot in her cord which had cut off the circulation to her brain. After a 7 week stay in NICU due to severe hypoglycaemia we later found out that the cord had also caused multiple cystic lesions on her brain and she was diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy and would never walk unaided, if at all.

Through medical advice we found SDR (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy) surgery that is available in America. This is a spinal surgery which could help Harper take her first steps and is not currently available on the NHS.

Our aim is to raise the money for Just4Children for Harper to go to America and have the operation and the intense physiotherapy afterwards. Doing this we the hope that our little girl will not suffer from the day to day pain that cerebral palsy causes her so she can have the best quality of life possible." Please do share this amazing little girl's story and head over to her brave Mama's page @tashasharrocks for further details.'


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