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New Year, New Name, New Baby and a New Column!

It's been a while folks (back to that later) but I thought today whilst waiting for it to snow again it is the perfect time to have a New Year update.

I have never really brought into the whole, New Year, New Me mentality. But, this year I wanted to start the year off in a healthy and positive mind set. I put this down to me getting older or perhaps not wanting to slip back into the dark realms of depression, anxiety that I know so well. I was sent a Reflection book, it is a three year journal where you write a sentence a day something about your day to reflect on (does what it says on the tin really) so I have been dutifully writing each day and it has been helping much to my scepticism. It asked for my three goals for the year. I never have really set goals but this year it was all about embracing the positivity so I thought let's give it a bash.

1. Write more.

My first goal and one I am most passionate about. I aim to get very serious this year and to get published more. A…