New Year, New Name, New Baby and a New Column!

It's been a while folks (back to that later) but I thought today whilst waiting for it to snow again it is the perfect time to have a New Year update.

I have never really brought into the whole, New Year, New Me mentality. But, this year I wanted to start the year off in a healthy and positive mind set. I put this down to me getting older or perhaps not wanting to slip back into the dark realms of depression, anxiety that I know so well. I was sent a Reflection book, it is a three year journal where you write a sentence a day something about your day to reflect on (does what it says on the tin really) so I have been dutifully writing each day and it has been helping much to my scepticism. It asked for my three goals for the year. I never have really set goals but this year it was all about embracing the positivity so I thought let's give it a bash.

1. Write more.

My first goal and one I am most passionate about. I aim to get very serious this year and to get published more. As a 90s kid growing up watching Sex In The City I wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw. My dream started becoming a reality when I have been given an amazing opportunity by the brilliant Salisbury Parenting Magazine and I am now their new columnist! I have always enjoyed writing, and to now see my name in print in an actual magazine really has made my year already. I have a very exciting blog series that will be launched on Mummy and Little Me very soon, and will continue to use my writing to discuss the issues that really matter, NICU, CHD and parent topics and getting them heard. To do this, I really do need to get my sorry self more organised and dedicate more time to getting serious!

You can view my column by clicking here!

This leads on to my second goal.

2. Give Birth!

As some of you eager eyed readers may have seen I have been a bit quiet of late. Blogging has unfortunately taken a back seat and now I can reveal it was for a very good reason. With the New Year also comes..... A NEW BABY (nicknamed Voldemort due to their flat nose on an early scan)!

Baby C NO 2! AKA Voldemort!
Elijah is going to be a big brother in July of this year! All is well so far and we are 15 weeks pregnant! I have been suffering unlike I did with Elijah so I am crossing my fingers that my 'blooming' stage will appear shortly. So far I have the throwing up, size of a whale already, bad back and tired stage! So I will be shortly adding another string to my blogging bow, maternity and pregnancy blogs! Where I aim to be as honest as I can and give you a real insight to a high risk pregnancy and what that entails. As well as my planned birth plan which I hope may give me some closure on the complications we had with Elijah.

Summer Baby

This also prompted another big change and that's my name. I have chosen to take Greg's name so when the baby comes we all have the same name. Very old fashioned and some what outdated idea but one that means a lot to me. So, within the first two weeks of 2017, there have been many new changes to welcome the New Year in with. (Which I didn't see and I was asleep by 11).

My third and final goal.

3. Be Happy.

Seems an obvious one, a straightforward one but the one I find the hardest. I think those who have also suffered from depression, anxiety or a mental illness would understand how actually it is a lot harder to stay happy and positive and win the war against the inner demons. It is so much easier just to give it to them and let them take over. Being pregnant and very hormonal my mental health is very important at the moment and if I can I do not want to go back on medication. So it is my main focus to stay happy, healthy and positive!

Taking inspiration from the happiest person I know!

So, now we have seen the New Year in (or not), we have a New Name, New baby and a New column!

Happy 2017 folks!


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