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Day Five - ECG/Echo/ X RAY

Having his heart scanned at NNUH
Today is day 5 of the #chdphotochallenge and today's blog is all about something we are now very experienced on.
At each appointment Elijah will have a heart scan/ echo which is basically an ultrasound to determine if his murmour is the same, is valve regurgitation has worsened and how his heart is functioning and coping.
We have had many ECG's and echoes and Elijah also had a X Rays whilst we were waiting to go down to GOSH (which was odd as we saw both sets of his teeth!).
A couple of years ago Elijah wouldn't even let the consultant scan him, now after much talking and practising with family and even at nursery he doesn't mind having it done and we look at the different colours and his heart on the screen.
Even now I have no idea what I'm looking at when I see it up on the screen.
It is something that we know quite well in the family too with Greg having to go for an ECG soon due to his family history.
At his last appointment nothing had really changed regarding his heart and it was agreed from the results of his scan that we could go down to 18 monthly appointments.
The results from his most recent echo were;
Examination reveals normal pulses and praecordial impulses, a single 2nd heart sound, ejection systolic and early diastolic murmurs at the left sternal edge.
His echo showre no significant outflow tract obstruction, free pulmonary incompetence and flow into both pulmonary artery branches. The right heart was mildly dilated.

I will be blogging every day in Feb and taking part in the #Chdphotochallenge to raise awareness for Heart Month.

I will also be taking part in a live Q and A for Tiny Tickers. 


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