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Happy Fathers Day, Daddy Pig.

I think when we first found out about Elijah's condition when we were still in the NICU (click here to read Elijah's admission to NICU), his life hanging in the balance we never thought we would be a normal family. We didn't know if we would get to take our baby home, or what kind of life he would live even if we did.

But, against it all; 9 days in NICU, open heart surgery, 5 days in Great Ormond Street, a PTSD diagnosis, 50+ hours weeks and everything life throws at you, we did become a normal family. Elijah is healthy and happy (click here to read his recent discharge from the development clinic). When your week becomes the routine of, work, childcare, nursery and Bad Girl re runs (were on series 4 people). You sometimes take each other for granted, I am most certainly am so guilty of this.
Greg as my Nan says is a 'good egg', he dotes on both me and Elijah, he gives us what ever we want. If he can't, he some how makes it happen anyway. Being so ill postnatally and suffering from Thyroid disease, Greg never moaned once and always took Elijah overnight and lets me have a couple of extra hours in bed even now. Not many fathers would work a 16 hour shift, have a new born overnight and still let their partner lay in, but Greg did. He does the housework on his days off and actively supports my studying and blogging (mainly as he thinks this will lead to my fame and he can live the easy life in LA).  Thinking back the last 2 years, I cannot remember when Greg put himself first. He even makes my packed lunch for work. Its been a tough journey for us as a couple (click here to read has becoming parents changed our relationship), and something like what we have been through does really put a strain on your relationship. I was struggling a lot in myself, yet he stood by me even when I knew he felt so helpless.

Me and Greg have one thing in common, we are missing the father figures in our lives. I know Greg's fear was that he wouldn't know how to be a good dad as he never had one, or he would make the same mistakes his dad did. I can say I know for a fact that he will never do this. Greg has his morals and he sticks by them to set an example to our son. He will always do the right thing by Elijah and be the dad, neither of us had. I am very lucky to have had my Grandad in my life for 13 years, he was like a dad to me and I miss him terribly. Happy Fathers Day my old boy.

Greg like the worker bee (okay more like a donkey) he is has to work this fathers day but this post is my way of trying to repay him in all that he does for us. That and the amazing haul me and Elijah have treated him too! We also wanted to get crafty!
So we took some inspiration from the amazing Amelia's Crafty Corner fathers day make! Elijah normally gets bored and leaves me to finish his makes (Easter 2016 and sticking cotton balls to rabbits will haunt me forever more) but loved watching Amelia and our card didn't turn out to shabby! Click here to visit Amelia's Crafty Corner we thoroughly recommend it! Pretty soon I am sure she will be taking over Mister Maker on C beebies!

So, to our very own Daddy Pig, NICU DAD, Papa Smurf, Mcdaddy,  Happy Fathers Day, we love you to the moon and back.

Dear Daddy,

I just wanted to say Happy Father’s Day.

I want to say thank you for everything you have done for me, I know it hasn’t been easy.

Like when me and Mummy were poorly in hospital and you tried so hard to keep it together and be strong and look after us both.

When you had to come to the hospital on your own as Mummy was ill and you looked after me so well, you came with me when I had that scary MRI scan.

You were so excited to tell Mummy that I could come home you even brought her some flowers. We were all so happy that day weren’t we?

I know I kept you up (and I still do!) but you never moaned once and we had so many nights watching TV on the sofa together.

You work so hard Daddy, and it makes me sad to say goodbye to you at the window.

Whenever you come back I get so excited, and will stop what I am doing to run to you. No matter what sort of day you had you always want to play with me when you get home.

I know when we were waiting for my operation it was scary, and I know you didn’t like thinking about it.

Thank you Daddy for being brave, for being strong and looking after Mummy. Thank you for kissing me before I went down to theatre.

It was hard when I came back up from surgery wasn’t it? You didn’t like the look of my chest drain and you were very upset.

Thank you for being there Daddy, even though you were worried I could hear you and Mummy talking to me, and reading me stories.

When we were moved to the other ward, we watched films and thank you Daddy for playing with me, even though it was awkward to hold me. I enjoyed our cuddles.

You went back to work when I came home, and then Mummy went back too. I enjoy our Tuesday’s together and playing football and guitar and going to music classes.

Daddy, you have been amazing even when Mummy was ill or struggling you always helped her and looked after me.

I loved co sleeping with you Daddy even though you snored, and I used to kick you in the head.

I know you are normally so tired from working all weekend, but you always have a game for us to do. I like when you take me to the park and you go on all the things with me! Or when you go down the slides at soft play on your tummy, it makes me laugh.

I love having a bath with you Daddy and when you pretend to be Bain from Batman with the water jug.

More than anyone you make me laugh so much Daddy, you are so funny, I love being silly with you. When you make me laugh so much playing ‘chicken legs’.

We have come so far since last Father’s Day haven’t we?

I was still recovering, and now look at me! I am causing you mischief and making you clear up all my mess!

I actually helped Mummy choose your presents this year Daddy! You are my Daddy Pig, and I love you.

I know your Daddy wasn’t around that much, but you are the best Daddy and I know you will always be there for me.

I am a heart warrior, and I am strong because of you, my heart warrior Daddy.


Elijah xxx


  1. Brilliantly written Vickie. To my big little bro, happy fathers day!! I know the worries you had when handsome man was born,you stayed at mine to be closer to him and vickie. You were in bits and worried is a bloody under-statement!!!but every day you pulled it together and was strong (I was a bloody wreck)I was strong for you so you could be strong. I saw your fears and cried with you. You have all come so far and I love you all. Once again HAPPY FATHERS DAY GREG!! 💖💕😍💋🎆 love always from your big sister xxx

    1. Awwww thank you Carina! Poor Daddy Pig as ever has gone to work. You were a brilliant support for him in those first few days! It's amazing how far we have all come! xxx

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