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Dubs Amendment- Letter to my MP.

This is the below letter I sent to my MP George Freeman regarding the diabolic situation in Calais. The way we are acting as a country by turning the other cheek is shameful. It seems the promise of immediate action from the Dubs amendment, is as worthless as the paper it is written on. I implore you all to do the same, flood parliament with letters of concern, threats of action, a wise lady once said to me, 'The smallest steps make the biggest imprint'.


Dear Mr Freeman,

I hope you are well.

My name is Vicki, I live in Dereham and have done for 26 years. I am a working mother to a two year old son. I also run a successful blog with a large social media following.
I have to admit, I have never felt the need to contact an MP, as I never thought it would do any good. But, if there is just one small glimmer of this email making a difference then I have done the right thing.

As a government, I have felt you’ve always done okay by me and my family. Me and my partner have worked hard and paid our taxes. I have been fortunate to be able to take 9 months paid maternity leave. This was essential as my little boy was admitted to NICU for 9 days and required open heart surge at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Because of the government and the policies, it has put in place for things like the NHS, my son is alive and well.

As a parent I would do anything to protect my child and give him the life he deserves. My child is well fed, clean, has a warm bed to sleep in at night protected from any dangers. He lives in a sanitised and clean home. When he is hungry he can go to the kitchen, when he is thirsty he can get clean drinkable water out of the tap, he has toys to play with, goes to music classes and a Ofsted ‘excellent’ rated nursery with a curriculum. He has access to shops, a library and multiple parks, and soft play areas. Elijah is a happy and healthy little boy. When he turns school age he will be entitled to go and received an education until he is 18.

He lives in a safe community, where the worst he has to see is the occasional speeding or shoplifting incident. There are no wars to be fought here, no guns, no bombs and he can run down the street and not have to fear for his life. He knows that his mum, dad and Nan are safe in their homes. That one day he won’t come home to find his home burnt to the ground and his family nowhere to be seen.
It is very unlikely that one day I will have to make the heart-breaking decision to separate from my child and send him on a life endangering journey just for the smallest chance he would be safe. I have made a decision before regarding my son’s life. I had to consent for a surgeon to open him up and repair his heart knowing full well he may die. Have you, or any of your colleague’s had to make a decision like this? That could possibly end or save your child’s life? How would you cope if when you strip everything away that we have in this country we would pack our children off in a lorry illegally just to try and save them and give them a better life?

You can easily pretend to care when you see, read or hear about the refugee Calais problem but then some reality show will come on TV and all is forgotten. But, as a parent I cannot forget. I cannot just turn the other cheek when there are children being forced to risk their lives every night to try and get into our country. To escape from the flea, rat and rubbish filled ‘campsite’ they are calling home. Is this wonderful ‘united’ country going to sit back and do nothing when children are stripped of any sort of human rights and are living like animals? Being forced to live on animalistic instinct to try and survive? Being abused by authorities who are supposedly there to protect them?

No matter where they are from, no matter what they escaped, what they came from  surely it is up to us who are in a position to help, to actually do that and help? Why is nothing being done? Why are we not being made aware of what is really going on and what we as a country are going back on the ‘Dubs amendment’ that was supposed to be resulting in IMMEDIATE action? When children are risking their lives every single night resulting in multiple deaths why isn't it being discussed? What is there to discuss? Are we all humans? Yes? Who have evolved to protect our own species and carry on the human race? To care for and nurture the young? Yes? Then why are we willingly sitting back?

I guess this is where you will assure us that the government are doing all they can, that it is an urgent priority. That actions will be taken. Why are you not asking the actual people of this country how they want to help. I for one would be happy to take in some of these children and foster them. Why is the government not running media campaigns in how we can help? Food, clothes, outdoor equipment donations?  Asking us if we would be open to fostering? Pushing for this?

I am sure you have been around Dereham Town recently? Have you seen the sheer number of empty shops? Of unused buildings? That’s in just one small town, why can’t spaces like this be used as temporary foster homes?  How much would a few camp beds be? How much does working electric and water really cost when you put it in perspective of children’s lives? What if the shoe was on the other foot? What if we were all sending our children away and other countries were turning the other cheek and letting our children die? People have spare rooms; unused holiday homes there really is enough room in this country for us to take these children in.

I presume there is the worry that if we let the refugee and vulnerable children in they will swarm schools, overload the NHS etc., but they do not have to. If you asked the actual people of this country I am sure there would be retired teachers, doctors, nurses, junior and student doctors all willing to help. Anything is better than what we as a country are doing now which seems to be nothing.

So many are trying to help, but it sometimes feels like this is not particularly encouraged or supported by the government. I mean what action is being taken re the abandonment of the ‘Dubs amendment’. Is it now down as the residents of the UK to step in and do what you are supposed to be? Protecting these vulnerable children. They didn’t ask for this; they are the innocents in all of this. This is where we can really do something and take these children, teach them to be kind, accepting and hardworking individuals. We teach them that violence doesn’t solve anything, but most of all we teach them that they can be loved and have a stable and safe family home. Perhaps it may help break the cycle of all of this for future generations. That they grow up standing side by side to our children and everyone just gets on. That in their life time they will not have to sit and make a decision whether to leave helpless children to live in squalor or worse still to let them die.

We live in a democracy, and we are extremely lucky to have this. So why are we not using it? Why are you not asking us to help? Our ideas? I am one mother with a voice, imagine how many others would stand beside me and help if we were only asked and given the opportunity to. If not what I think you might find is the country as it always has, will be doing it for themselves. As most do you underestimate the voice of the parent.
I think in amongst Brexit, Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe and EastEnders we have forgotten what is really important. Children. They are the future generations, and when they are being left to die and live worse than us what do you really think is going to happen? How their parents will feel when they find out their child has died. Because of us. Do you think they will forget this? Do you think this will end the violence? Of course it will not, it will continue it will be one more round of ammunition to fight Europe with. So let’s just do the right thing? Let’s do what we as a country are good at? Pulling together and helping these poor children.

I really hope as a government action really will be taken soon, it is past the point of discussion. Children are loosing lives.

Yours Sincerely,

Vicki (NICU Mum)


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