It was my choice to have two kids under two, not yours so back off #mamaissue.

Today my very good friend who I was lucky enough to be pregnant at the same time as (so much so we class the kids as family) explains how she feels when people question her choice of having two kids under two. I have seen first hand they can be a handful normally when naps are non existent and they have run around soft play for 2 hours. So is Elijah and so are most toddlers. But, this was her choice and one she whole heartedly stands by, I know she wouldn't have changed it for the world. So perhaps before you speak, perhaps this post will show you the other side of the coin....
Are they twins? '
No. No they are not.
'Wow your brave.'
Yes. Yes I am.
'Aren’t they alike? '
Seriously?!? ...

Having two children under 2 isn't without its challenges. We are a carefully regimented machine that needs maintenance and plenty of oil to keep going.
I suppose you could call it survival mode. Preparation is key. Clothes are prepared the night before. As are bottles… Washing… Everything. The slightest change or upheaval sends into full blown destruction mode.
I suppose the daily routine being regimented is my way of claiming some sort of control on my life that seems to being pulled in two very strong willed whingey directions!
Don't get me wrong I adore my kids, but I would be lying if I said I didn't fantasise about drop kicking them on the odd occasion. They are like dominoes, one freaks out about being told off for throwing crayons at the cat, the other will laugh, throw more, then the cycle continues.
Disciplining two under two is HARD. Mainly due to the fact one is that much more advanced. She knows what she is doing. If she launches a toy across the veg aisle, she will get pulled up for it. My 1YO however is still in that awkward do I tell him off or don't I stage? Still a baby, but verging on toddlerdom. Then I feel that guilt of only telling one of.
You just can't win.
It's beating yourself up on a daily basis. I try not to compare my life and kids to others purely because we are all battling our own struggles. (although part of me dies inside when I hear a mum of one saying how bad their day was) O you wait Mama, just you wait!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™ˆ
When I find it getting too much I remind myself of the good moments.
When my babies sit and laugh at each other while I make dinner. Or if my little girl asks for 'Bubba' to come play. The little things that make you melt. Hearing her say 'Goodnight Bubba love euuuuu' giving him a kind of sloppy awkward snog until his face screws up and he grins back lovingly.
I like to find the fun and hang onto it! Make the mess. Paint the picture. Get the toys out the box. Make a tent out of the sofa that will cause your OCD partner to self-destruct upon walking in the door. Just make the most of it. That's one thing I learnt from my 1st. The time flies. You have to take care of you and yours and enjoy every stage for what it is.
Sam, Elliot and Evelyn
One day you won't have to pick up sloppy beans off the floor while your toddler launches their lunch at you from their high chair.
One day you won't have to wipe another sweet corn bum (gags) or have bogies lined up along your skinnies.
One day you won't have a clingy baby running after you shouting mummy (or in my case two).
Embrace it. Enjoy it.
It's a small piece of the pie.
Coming to terms with becoming a mum is something you could ponder on forever. Or stressing over keeping a clean home. That's not what your kids will remember you for. Two under two is certainly chaos in bundles. But it is our chaos. Their personalities feed off each other and they truly thrive on their relationship with each other.
This is Our story. I know my babies will always have each other and there is truly no better feeling. I could go on for days. Don't get me started on nights or sleep deprivation. Buying a house with two wildlings. Or God forbid a doctors trip ๐Ÿ˜‚
But sadly, there's no time for typing it. Because I'm doing it!! ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿผ
(Probably don't ask me during a Morrisons shop at 4pm how it is with 2 under 2) I have probably lost my shit by then ๐Ÿ˜‚



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