Harlow's one month update


It is a week late (obvs) but here are the main observations of Harlow's first month. I have also been keeping a post partem diary which will hopefully be revealed soon. Keep your eyes peeled 👀
The monkey is damn right chunky. He is a mini @gregcockerill. Not had him weighed for a couple of weeks (sorry kiddo) but he is nearly out of newborn clothes.
We have not lost too much hair ATM but he does look like he has a tiny toupee circa Neil Diamond.
So far we have been pretty lucky with Harlow waking up roughly twice at night and around the same time. Bet I have jinxed it now but we do have a rough routine.It's not fun knowing that in a hour after the night feed your toddler will be up demanding food and Fireman Bastard Sam and his damn right catchy theme tune.
You forget how funny a newborn cracking off is.
The baby voice returns almost instantly.
The elation is real when they start stretching their feeds out longer than every 1 1/2 hours. We average 3/4 atm.
You become accumsted to completing everyday chores one handed with said limpet attatched which is his nickname.
Poonamis still leave you lost for words and wondering how on earth you will clean it up. So much so Greg had a small breakdown over one and made me do it. We have experienced a couple of memorable ones.
We have had our first smile ❤
Seeing Harlow watch Elijah in awe leaves me a hormonal mess.
The first month has gone by so quickly I know I need to appreciate it all before we know it the newborn days will be over. So I am off to sniff his head some more!


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