Is there enough support for NICU parents?- Guest Blog- Actually Mummy

After our NICU journey came to an end, (although it never really ends). I found so many options that could have been, would have been, should have been offered or made available to us. But, they were not, so this led me to ask as NICU parents are we getting enough support? I for one, felt like I wasn't supported enough. Bliss ( are doing an amazing job about improving the NICU journey for all and I support them by donating 10% from each order that you lovely guys place in the NICU MUM STORE.

If you look at America there is so much emphasis on supporting the NICU parent, something that is just not really done here. As part of starting this blog, my aim was to try and help others going through this, or to raise awareness. To get the message out there, that we as NICU parents need more honest support.

I contacted Helen from the brilliant @actuallymummy blog, and she kindly agreed to publish my guest blog, is there enough support for NICU parents? Being bloggers, with a large volume of social media followers we really can help each other out to get a message out there and raise some awareness that NICU Parents need to have support, and have more facilities available and easily accessible in every hospital.

You can click here to read my guest blog on the Actually Mummy blog!

Why not show your support for a NICU MUM by wearing a NICU MUM bracelet or badge, or if you just love the blog and want to help spread the NICU MUM message.

They make a great gift for anyone who is going through the NICU journey and to show you are thinking of them.

They are a symbol of strength for the NICU MUM.

Bracelets are Made by Mama_2_Mama

10% from each one will go to Bliss charity.

Vicki Moore and The Honest Confessions of a NICU Mum Blog are proud to support Bliss, the special care baby charity and we make regular donations to support babies in the UK who are premature or sick. To find out more about Bliss please visit


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