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Two month update

8 weeks old and breaking my heart already

Two month update

So, it seems like it was only yesturday I was posting our one month update and here we are at 8 weeks old!
I am still in the grips of PND with my old friend anxiety coming back to kick me while I'm down. However there are alot of positive things in the pipeline to look forward too including Elijah's third birthday this month!
Without asking Greg has picked up the slack and is looking after us all like a big silverback gorilla with biscuits.
I have really learnt my lesson from last time and accepted help from some wonderful friends who I cannot thank enough for standing by and supporting me so much. Sam, Tel, Amy, Sally and Fiona you have all been amazing. To everyone who has messaged me on the 'gram thank you so much you are all so wonderfully caring! I have tried to step back abit from Insta as I found I was comparing myself to others and then feeling like utter crap. The swings and roundabouts of social media hay?
We have all been ill with a cold so it was inevitable poor limpet got it too. First trip to the docs has been checked off the list.
We are officially out of newborn clothes. Sob. He seems to be growing quicker than a weed! We have most defitently had some growth spurts from the milk guzzler.
Smiles and laughs are a daily occurrence accompained by lots of new noises! Some resemble the sounds of the undead but make my heart hurt never the less!
Harlow is now so much more awake and alert and taking and interest in EVERYTHING. Especially my weight loss when he wakes up every time I eat.
It seems he is on the move already pushing his legs up and moving around the mat and trying to roll! We sre now in full blown dribble mode and he loves blowing bubbles! He seems pretty happy and content atm but to be honest when you have Elijah as a brother stealing the show you don't have to much choice 🙈
Currently it is Harlow sleeping through and not Elijah so we have both picked a kid each and do what we can to get some sleep!
Elijah is a full blown threenager and we are currently listing him on Gumtree if anyone is interested 😂
As month two draws to a close we are only now venturing out of the newborn fog into reality again! The hormones have certainly left the building but are lurking in the backround ready to pounce at the most inconvenient time... normally when the Dog's Trust advert is on. This week we also lost our beloved little MewMew who was hit by a car outside our house by someone who didn't even bother to stop. This has rendered me abit of a mess and I still find myself looking for her 😿. Telling Elijah was frankly heartbreaking.
We have the first set of jabs next week and considering I couldn't even take Elijah with his there is bound to be even more tears from both of us!
I am hoping time slows down over the next few months but with two kids I cannot see it happening. Month 3 here we come!


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